Some of the thousands of POSITIVE RESULTS REPORTED

"Several years ago I noticed that I was losing my hair and immediately pushed the panic button, and started trying every product on the market that suggested they could control thinning hair. Then I discovered Segals Formula. Well, after three weeks I noticed a drastic reduction in my hair loss. Regrowth of new hair began to appear after about eight weeks of continual use. Thank you D. R. Segal!" Mark Reheis, Princeton, B.C. Canada

"D.R. Segal has greatly done wonders for my formerly dry and unmanageable hair. My hair feels healthier and much softer than it ever has felt." Ms. Constant, Ontario

"I am very impressed with your products. It is a pleasure in todayÌs society to find a product that actually lives up to what itÌs supposed to. And more." Sheila. M. Scott, Ontario.

"Having used your wonderful products over one year, I still canÌt but agree with you about the effectiveness of your products." Jukka Viro, Finland.

"I have had dramatic results from your wonderful products. My hair has increased by at least one inch and the hair is growing remarkably." Dave Rose, B.C.

"I have been using Segals Formula for a week, and my dandruff condition, chronic for years, has already improved significantly." Kathleen Harr, New York

"I have been using your product for several months now and my hair has stopped falling out. Also, I used to have a bad dandruff problem and itchy scalp which IÌm happy to say has disappeared." Donnie Botel, B.C.

"I noticed a significant decrease in hair fall out when I washed my hair. With continued use I noticed my hair was getting fuller and healthier-looking." Angus MacDonald, B.C,

"I am so pleased with your products with only three applications (so far) I can notice a difference in my hair. It feels so much healthier, thicker, and looks shiny!" C. Eger, B.C.

"I noticed a drastic reduction in hair loss, as well as, at the same time, my hair and scalp have never been in better health and condition." Vic Spaetgens, B.C.

"After only one month of using your product not only is my hair thicker, but I seem to be experiencing new hair growth." L.G.S., B.C.

" I have used the product without fail, mornings and evening and have enjoyed approximately a fifty percent improvement in my bald spot. What an excellent product!" Clayten Varrce, B.C.

"Believe it or not, my hair stylist noticed the difference! I love your product and recommend it to all of my friends and family." J. Ferguson, B.C.

"Even my hair dresser remarked on the healthy condition my hair is in now. My friends also have noticed the improvement and I am very pleased. Peggy Cumbubatch, B.C.

"The fact that it was organic, not tested on animals, and was biodegradable made it very appealing. I used the product and after the first use I was very happy." J. Ferguson, B.C.

"A few years ago, I had a severe problem with hair loss. I discovered Segals Solutions. My friends and I tried all the "magic potions" on the market, but none of them worked. My friends were skeptical and accepted the fact that balding was part of male life. I, however, used Segals Formula and now my friends are convinced that IÌve had hair surgery. I just comb my hair and laugh. Thank you for making such an excellent product." C.L., Los Angeles.



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